The Difference Water Makes in the Maparasha Community

To raise healthy children, we have to create healthy communities. Help a whole community thrive by providing access to clean water.

In the Maparasha community of Kenya, Feed the Children’s water project is making a dramatic difference in the lives of children and families.

Until a couple of years ago, Maparasha’s women and children spent most of their daylight hours carrying water three kilometers from the mountain source to their village. The children had no time for school, and the women had no time to support their families.

But because of our generous sponsors, everything changed when we were able to build a water line to cover the distance. Since then, the children have been filling their school seats instead of their water buckets, and the women have embarked on small business enterprises — supporting their families and the local economy — now that water transportation isn’t their full-time job.

The Maparasha community now has easier access to clean water, better-watered fields, more reliable food sources and improved health. Access to clean water is essential in the fight to end hunger.