Serving Food Together

Together we want to see people everywhere reach their goal of well-fed families. Will you help?

For the last eight years, Feed the Children has been partnering with City of Refuge in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to generous people like you, our joint goal of feeding kids and families in need and the desire to teach them to provide for themselves has created a strong and successful program.

“Our partnership with Feed the Children helps us to ensure that the kids within this community are receiving the information on what a good, well-rounded, nutritional meal should look like. When Feed the Children comes, the children and parents can see the type of food they should be eating on a day-to-day basis. Their food donation helps us educate the community on proper nutrition.” — Chef Robert Owen, Director and Food Services, Executive Chef

City of Refuge is able to serve an average of 300 residents daily in their homeless shelters — 1,254 homeless women and children had immediate needs met last year. In one day, they were able to help as many as 2,000 families and individuals with a Feed the Children food distribution. This is all thanks to you and your donations.

With your help, we’ve been able to join with City of Refuge and others like them to supply food and resources they would otherwise have to purchase themselves. The dedication of these organizations has made us proud to have our name linked with their reputation and efforts. It’s these partnerships that maximize our ability to provide food, water and essential items to families all over the world — many who don’t have jobs or whose jobs don’t provide enough.