On a Mission Against Poverty

Will you help us continue to make poverty a thing of the past? To give kids a fighting chance at a good life?

Our mission is to provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials. We strive for it every day — but poverty has many faces. It can look hungry. It can look homeless. It can look like the kid next door whose dad is out of work and you didn’t even know it.

We partner with you and organizations like Christian Appalachian Project: Operation Sharing to help families in poverty. Feed the Children has come alongside CAP for more than 25 years to bring help to people in the Appalachian area. The partnership works well because of our common goal to help kids be kids. Together, we provide food, household items, books, clothing, shoes and even toys to those most in need at no cost to them — about 1.5 million people every year.

“This partnership with Feed the Children has been one of the longest and the best ventures that has happened to and for the Appalachian area.” –CAP staff member

And it couldn’t have happened without you — our most important partner.