Meeting the Most Basic Need

We are blessed to have James and his family beside us. Will you stand with the Epsteins and Feed the Children to make sure that everyone who needs it has clean water?

It is so easy to take clean and abundant water for granted. Turn on the faucet, and there it is. But when a natural disaster strikes or you live in a part of the world where clean water just doesn’t exist, it’s a different story.

There is no more basic human need than clean, drinkable water – just ask James Epstein:

“As parents of six healthy children, we understand the need for safe, clean drinking water. We have been blessed to fund a family foundation and were led to Feed the Children by the grace of God,” says James. “While we contribute to Feed the Children on all aspects of the organization, we have provided funding for specific needs such as the water projects in the African Horn including Kenya . . . We are so blessed to have an organization such as Feed the Children that can help us fulfill God’s commands to take care of the poor by providing safe water.”