Feed The Children Partners with TOMS


The One for One Movement Helps Feed The Children Serve the Needs of the Whole Child

TOMS ShoesFeed The Children is proud to partner with TOMS, which has committed to providing new shoes to children in schools around the world where Feed The Children has established feeding programs. Feed The Children is intent on serving the needs of the whole child. That is why we provide educational support as well as food and essential personal items.

TOMS has committed to give new shoes to these same children throughout their growth and development. As of July 2012, TOMS has given shoes to the children attending schools in the Nairobi slums of Kenya, and in communities in Honduras. According to school administrators in Kenya, giving children shoes in the slums is a most highly welcomed idea. Excitement surrounding the project encouraged slum children to attend school and led to 100% attendance on the first day of classes something that is unheard of!

Placing shoes on the feet of children in underdeveloped areas helps combat problems created when children are otherwise forced to walk through raw sewage with bare feet. These shoes help stave off infection and parasites that would otherwise be able to enter the child’s body through cuts and sores.

Feed The Children has plans to distribute TOMS shoes in areas around the world. We are grateful for TOMS contribution to our efforts to fight poverty and disease.

Feed The Children's Work Around the World

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