Thank goodness for friends like you

When Dennis was just a few months old, his mother took him to a neighbor's house and asked them to keep him over night. Sadly, his mother never returned. One can only guess what kind of desperation led this mother to leave her baby. But one thing was certain - he needed the help only hearts like yours are willing to give.

Every day we are challenged to help turn little lives around. Children are malnourished; they suffer from extreme hunger and often from parasites that steal what little nutrition they cling to.

Your continued support is what makes it possible for us to once again say "yes" to a child in need of our care, like Dennis. In fact, with your special gift today, we can deliver the wholesome food and essentials starving boys and girls need, including the medicine to treat the parasites that infest these innocent little victims.

On behalf of Dennis - this precious boy who was once discarded and is now embraced - we sincerely thank you.

Many thanks for caring and sharing your blessings,

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Little children should never suffer - not when we can help.


Financial Accountability

In fiscal year 2011, 86 percent of all expenditures went to program services (childcare, food, medical, disaster relief, and community development).
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