4Life Research and Feed the Children formed a joint partnership in 2009 in order to combine efforts to make a real difference in the lives of children and their families around the world.

Through this partnership 4Life Research, as well as their non-profit charity organization, Foundation 4Life, have been able to work together on several long term initiatives that focus on nutrition, shelter and education.

As part of these areas of focus, Feed the Children has helped distribute over 2 million meals to hungry children in 9 different countries through the 4Life Fortify nutritional program. 4Life Fortify meals are generously donated by 4Life distributors, and contain beans, rice, lentils, and a complex of vitamins and minerals, along with our exclusive immune supplement, 4Life Transfer Factor.

In addition to the 4Life Fortify nutritional program, Foundation 4Life has worked closely with Feed the Children by donating school supplies, school uniforms, shoes, and other house hold goods to those in need both domestically and abroad.

To help facilitate more sustainable life-changes, Foundation 4Life also participates in Feed The Children’s community development program. Foundation 4Life is sponsoring communities in Honduras and the Philippines. These projects will help provide continued opportunities for both 4Life and Feed the Children to work together in making a difference around the world.

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