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Child abuse is no respecter of persons or countries. It’s an international problem with many victims. Amongst other culprits, poverty is shown to be one of the many links to child abuse. Sadly, Lillian is way too familiar with both. 

Lillian’s short 15 years of life have been full of pain and hardship.  At a very young age her abusive aunt took her away from her home in rural Uganda to be the aunt’s “house help.” Lillian’s situation was dire, and she was in definite need of rescuing.

Thankfully for this young lady, that’s exactly what happened. Mama Tunza – director of Tunza Children’s Home - found Lillian and brought her to the home in 2007. The Tunza Children’s Home is a Feed The Children-Kenya sponsored site. It was here where Lillian’s life started to drastically change.   

After coming to Tunza Children’s Home, Lillian was able to go back to school and is now a standard 7 student at a local primary school. Lillian is a hardworking girl who loves to sing and dance. But she also has a strong determination to study hard, so that one day she can get a good job and be able to help her family back in Uganda.

Lillian humbly says, “I am grateful to Feed The Children-Kenya for supporting Tunza Home with food and shoes. I pray to God to help FTC-Kenya so that they can continue helping the less fortunate like me.”

Whenever we hear these wonderful stories of how Feed The Children’s various programs are changing the lives of so many children, we can’t help but ponder … where would these children be had they not been helped by Feed The Children?


It’s only because of you, our faithful supporters, that we’re able to make a difference in the lives of hurting children, like Lillian. So, on behalf of Lillian and all the children around the world that you’re helping us reach  … thank you!     



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