Health & Water

Poor water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) leads to infection and disease, which results in undernutrition. A child who regularly eats nutritious meals will still struggle to remain healthy if they consume dirty water.

At Feed the Children, our community initiatives promote healthy immune systems and enable children to develop through adolescence and into adulthood.

Communities Determine Their Own Future

Water & Sanitation Infrastructure

Through partnership with our communities and major donors, we install water wells and water storage systems to provide entire communities and/or schools with safe, clean water. This creates water sources that are closer to their homes, which means less time required by women to fetch water. We also build bathroom facilities and promote open-defecation free communities. These water projects help to change the lives of children and families who no longer risk parasites and diarrhea in their everyday lives.

WASH Behaviors

It is equally important that caregivers understand how to avoid water-borne illnesses with better sanitation and hygiene practices. Similar to how we spread knowledge and understanding in nutrition, Care Groups are also an effective way to motivate healthy behaviors. We promote WASH practices to teach parents and caregivers better behaviors for protecting the health and development of their children. In addition to WASH, we spread understanding around other health-conscious practices, such as the use of bed nets to prevent malaria, family planning, and taking advantage of prenatal care services.