Our name is Feed the Children, but helping kids be kids takes much more than food.

Families in the U.S. who can’t afford food also can’t buy other non-food essentials. While a lack of food causes poor health, a lack of essentials has effects that are less straightforward, but no less harmful.

Soap and shampoo so kids can feel clean.

Laundry detergent so they can feel confident at school.

Cleaning supplies so their homes can be places of pride instead of another source of worry.

Kids need all these things. When we fill that need, with your help, children and their parents get a chance to focus on other things — like eating. For many families whose lives have taken a turn towards need, a simple and short break from worry can be just what they need to thrive again.

So when Feed the Children distributes food in the U.S., we include other essentials. Because we know that something as basic as a new toothbrush goes a long way toward keeping a child healthy and happy.

Items for Life

When families visit a Feed the Children distribution event in the U.S, they receive a two-week supply of food and other essentials. In 2013, this meant giving 98 million pounds of food and essentials to 10 million people.

This is possible because of the generosity of our partners — companies that produce household supplies and personal items — who provide the essentials we distribute.

It’s also possible because of donations from individuals who know the big importance of some of life’s little things.

When you give to Feed the Children, your donation allows us to organize and box up the products we distribute. It keeps our fleet of trucks running. And it maintains our network of local partners who help us get these essentials to the people who need them most.

Take Action

Help us bring relief to children and their families with some of life’s essential items. Make your donation today.