Summer Food & Education Program

Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation.

For many of America’s kids who rely on free and reduced lunches during the school year, the summer months can be hard. More than 14.5 million children receive free breakfast at school, and more than 30.4 million receive lunches through the national school lunch program. For many, school meals are the only consistent food they get in a day, and when the school year ends, so do school lunches.

Feed the Children is proud to partner with community organizations to provide nutritious meals through our Summer Food and Education Program. We are expanding our program, and in 2018, we plan to distribute more than 500,000 meals across five states. Summer meal sites will be held at libraries, camps, churches, or schools that are located in communities near our distribution centers. The sites will provide kids an opportunity to stay active and enjoy programs while continuing to learn with the books, school supplies and other educational materials Feed the Children provides.

We need your help to continue our success with the Summer Food and Education Program, and to grow our summer meals program to reach even more hungry kids next year. By working together, we can defeat childhood hunger.