Domestic Disaster Response

When disasters strike, speed is vital. Feed the Children stays ready to respond quickly to hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, even war and conflict — anything that leaves children and their families in a wake of devastation.

We’ve been helping people after disasters since 1979, delivering hundreds of truckloads of food and essentials to Americans facing disasters both natural and manmade. We helped children and families who were in the paths of Hurricanes Andrew in Florida, Katrina on the Gulf Coast (especially New Orleans) and Sandy in the northeast.

We also helped both victims and rescue workers after the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11.

Tornado in Our Own Backyard

In 2013, a 1.3-mile-wide tornado descended on the town of Moore, Oklahoma. During its 39 minutes on the ground, it killed 24 people, leveled two schools and destroyed over a thousand homes.

Feed the Children responded quickly. More than 50 partners helped with response in Moore, supplying nearly 250 shipments of food and supplies, weighing more than 2.6 million pounds and valued at $8.5 million. Committed to the long-term rebuilding and recovery, we will stay until the work is done.

No one knows when or where the next disaster will hit, or how many kids and families will be left with nothing. With your help, Feed the Children will be ready.

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