Feed the Children has worked in the Philippines since 1984. Our work expands beyond meals to developing community self-reliance.

The Philippines consists of thousands of tropical and mountainous islands, with gorgeous beaches and breathtaking views. The economy of the Philippines is stable, but poverty still persists in many areas of the cities and in remote islands. The beautiful landscape is also vulnerable to natural disasters, from typhoons and landslides to earthquakes and tsunamis.

Philippines Basics

100 Million
Poverty Rate
Child Mortality under 5 Years of Age
28 of every 1,000 children
Kids with Stunted Growth
Children and Caregivers Served

Food & Nutrition

Our nutrition program coordinates with local government departments and other non-governmental organizations and partners to intervene during the critical first 1,000 days of a child’s life. Through our Care Group training, we seek to change mothers’ behaviors in feeding and caring for their young children. They also learn to grow vegetables through low-cost and intensive home gardening practices.
Feed the Children also provides vitamin A capsules and deworming treatments to children who suffer from common vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, which disrupts their growth and development.

Health & Water

Our Care Groups also have a health component in the curriculum. Through these groups of mothers and caregivers, we can spread knowledge of water, sanitation, and health (WASH) behaviors, infant health, and treatment for illnesses.
Clean water and proper sanitation methods help prevent illness and disease in a community. For this purpose, we help communities build rainwater catchment systems and latrines.


Education is essential to stopping the cycle of poverty. So Feed the Children helps kids in the Philippines go to school by providing shoes, uniforms, backpacks, supplies, scholarships, school fees and teacher subsidies. We also build and improve school buildings, like the two-story, eight-classroom school we recently constructed in Cebu City with assistance from the Korea Hope Foundation.

As in other countries where we work, we don’t just teach reading, writing and math. We also teach kids how to stay healthy and be self-sufficient, teaching them trades so they can support themselves as adults.


Through our village savings & loan groups, we empower parents and community leaders to understand the positive effects of their own savings. Through these group savings, capital is made available to members through loans for investments in small enterprises, for income-generating activities, or to meet household needs.
Our agriculture support provides training to families to raise livestock. Through ‘pass-the-gift’, this project is sustained to give more families the same opportunity.

Take Action

Sponsor a Child in The Philippines

Sponsoring a child in The Philippines helps that child and also the entire community. Your monthly gift helps us create a community where no child goes to bed hungry. You can make sure one child eats nourishing food, drinks clean water from a source near their home, and goes to school where they learn and develop leadership skills. It also helps start family businesses. Most important, it gives these kids the chance to dream about a brighter tomorrow and make that dream a reality.

Your $34 a month will change the life of a child and his or her community forever!

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