Feed the Children has worked in Nicaragua for 22 years and is currently active in 12 different communities around the country.

Kids in Nicaragua grow up in a beautiful Central American country with wildlife-rich rain forests, volcanoes, beaches and architecture dating back to the colonial era.

Nicaragua has had a rough history. It is still recovering from decades of instability, a 10-year civil war and a number of natural disasters. All of these together have helped to make it one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Two of every five Nicaraguans are living in poverty. Two of every three people in rural areas live on less than US$1 a day. They don’t want to live like this. Kids in Nicaragua want simple things: decent food, clean drinking water, the chance to go to school and a job that will give them a future.

Nicaragua Basics

6 million
Poverty Rate
Extreme Poverty Rate
Kids Fed Every School Day
Kids Dewormed Yearly

Food & Nutrition

At school, we feed kids nourishing food. We help families who are struggling to feed their kids by offering take-home meals to get them through the lean times. Women and children learn in special school programs what foods are nourishing and which ones are not so they can make better food choices.

Health & Water

Feed the Children provides water pumps, toilets and water lines to fight diseases that come from dirty water and poor sanitation. We just built a water pump that saved 354 kids from having to walk a long way to get water every morning! We also give kids deworming medication to kill common intestinal parasites. A medical team visits isolated communities yearly to give checkups to children who otherwise would not be able to see a doctor.


Feeding kids at school helps them two ways: it gets them to come to school more regularly (for the food) and it helps them pay attention and learn (because they aren’t hungry). We give some kids uniforms so that, even if they can’t afford the clothes, they still get to go to school. And we give schoolchildren new shoes twice a year (since their feet grow so fast). Kids who stay in school longer can get better jobs later.


Without decent jobs, parents find it really difficult to keep life stable for their children. Not only do kids need food, water and schooling, they also need stability. In Nicaragua, we’re helping families build small businesses or improve their farms to help them feed their own kids and make a living. For example, in El Crucero, 72 mothers participate at our training center. They learn sewing, the bakery business, raising poultry, and gardening and greenhouse programs!

Take Action

Sponsor a Child in Nicaragua

Sponsoring a child in Nicaragua helps that child and also the entire community. Your monthly gift helps us create a community where no child goes to bed hungry. You can make sure one child eats nourishing food, drinks clean water from a source near their home, and goes to school where they learn and develop leadership skills. It also helps start family businesses. Most important, it gives these kids the chance to dream about a brighter tomorrow and make that dream a reality.

Your $34 a month will change the life of a child and his or her community forever!

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