Feed the Children has worked in Nicaragua for more than 20 years and is currently active in 20 different communities.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is home to gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and volcanoes. However, these natural features also make it easily susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

Natural disasters, as well as political instability, have made Nicaraguan children vulnerable to poverty and malnourishment. Nearly half of the working population experiences difficulties in their employment such as low wages and unsuitable working conditions.

We work with Nicaraguan families to help provide better livelihoods for the benefit of their children and communities. Through our programs, we hope to empower children with sustainable resources for success and growth within their communities.

Nicaragua Basics

6.1 million
Poverty Rate
Kids with Stunted Growth
Child Mortality under 5 Years
22 of every 1,000 children
Kids Attending Secondary School

Food & Nutrition

Proper nutrition during a child’s first 1,000 days (from conception to age 2) is critical for protecting them against permanent physical issues. By educating mothers and providing them with resources such as prenatal vitamins, we know their children have chance to reach their full potential.

We also assist parents in measuring the physical growth of their children and train them in nutrition to prevent stunting which is prevalent among kids in Central America. We provide children with vitamin A and deworming medication to help them combat common illnesses, and absorb nutrients from their food.

Health & Water

By teaching children simple sanitation techniques, they are better able to prevent water-borne diseases, experience sickness less frequently, and have regular attendance in school, and. Teaching water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices is critical because children bring that knowledge home and help prevent common illnesses among their loved ones.

Through the generous support of donors, we also provide communities with latrines (toilets) and clean water sources to lessen their interaction with disease-causing germs.


Hunger and a lack of adequate learning materials can affect a child’s ability to focus in the classroom. Since education is important, we provide children with school meals, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies to help their growth each day at school.

Parental support also can help children understand the importance of their success in school. To help parents become more involved in their child’s education, we encourage them to join parent-teacher associations (PTAs) and help promote the benefits of school attendance.


Children are more likely to succeed when their families are economically stable. We strive to improve the livelihoods of communities by providing families with additional opportunities for income generation.

Through community gardens and small livestock provision, parents can sell livestock, fruits, and vegetables. This encourages them to seek sustainable sources of income and provide for their families. In Juan Davila community, mothers are also offered the opportunity to participate in our productive training center where they can learn sewing, baking, poultry raising, gardening and greenhouse programs!

Take Action

Sponsor a Child in Nicaragua

Sponsoring a child in Nicaragua helps that child and also the entire community. Your monthly gift helps us create a community where no child goes to bed hungry. You can make sure one child eats nourishing food, drinks clean water from a source near their home, and goes to school where they learn and develop leadership skills. It also helps start family businesses. Most important, it gives these kids the chance to dream about a brighter tomorrow and make that dream a reality.

Your $34 a month will change the life of a child and his or her community forever!

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