In Honduras, Feed the Children works to stop the cycle of poverty for more than 1,300 families in 10 communities each day.

Kids in Honduras live in the second-largest country in Central America. Their country is beautiful, full of high mountain ranges, beaches along the Caribbean Sea and ruins from ancient civilizations.

But Honduras is also the most violent country in the world and the second-poorest in Central America. Gang- and drug-related crime, and the government’s struggle to deal with it, constantly disrupt life, especially for children. And the inequality between rich and poor is among the worst of any country in Central America.

More than half of the kids in rural Honduras live in extreme poverty, without clean water to drink, access to medical care or the chance to finish school. Their childhoods are haunted by hunger and violence.

Honduras Basics

8.6 million
Poverty Rate
Kids Fed Every School Day
Kids Given School Fees and Backpacks
Kids Dewormed Yearly
1.5 million

Food & Nutrition

Food and nutrition is the cornerstone of our work in Honduras. Our goal is both to bring the nutritional status of children to healthy levels and keep it there. We work especially hard to help the kids who are malnourished — these kids are at risk of permanent damage from poor nutrition.

In our feeding centers, we feed almost 1,700 children every day. Via dry rations and supplemental feeding programs, we help an additional 9,000 children every day. Together with the Ministry of Health in Honduras, we provide more than 1.2 million children in Honduras with Vitamin A which helps them develop, keeps them from dying from common illnesses, and prevents blindness.

Health & Water

Because dirty water and lack of decent toilets makes so many kids in Honduras sick, we build reliable water systems, latrines and school restrooms, and systems to manage solid waste. We help them start recycling programs that create jobs and income, too!

Some of our projects include extending public water systems into communities, drilling wells, equipping feeding centers with water purification systems and helping communities manage and care for these systems.

Most of the kids we work with in Honduras don’t live near doctors or clinics, so we bring medical care, medicine and dental care to them. We teach hand washing, and we provide deworming tablets to kill common intestinal parasites. More than 1.5 million kids receive Vitamin A and deworming medicine twice a year!


We find that many kids in Honduras want to go to school but can’t because their families need them to help in some way, whether it’s getting water from a distant line or working to earn money for the day’s food.

We help kids get back to school by providing help with school expenses. Kids receive a uniform, a backpack filled with school supplies, and new shoes—in fact, we provide shoes to more than 140,000 kids twice a year.

The heartbeat of our work in Honduras is Casa del Niño, giving a home to 35 to 40 boys aged 7 to 17 who have either been abandoned or do not have family members able to care for them.


We’re very proud of our vocational training program. Students (and even family members) learn trades like woodworking (in a fully equipped workshop donated by a U.S. sponsor) and baking. We also started a community sanitation and recycling program which cleans up the area and provides some money for the feeding center in this community.

Two community bakeries make bread for the feeding centers and give women an opportunity to make money running their own businesses. The communities also put some of the profits back into the bakeries, the feeding centers and activities.

Our microcredit program also provides the money needed to start businesses like tortilla making, beauty parlors, egg production, carpentry manufacturing and bakery enterprises.

Take Action

Sponsor a Child in Honduras

Sponsoring a child in Honduras helps that child and also the entire community. Your monthly gift helps us create a community where no child goes to bed hungry. You can make sure one child eats nourishing food, drinks clean water from a source near their home, and goes to school where they learn and develop leadership skills. It also helps start family businesses. Most important, it gives these kids the chance to dream about a brighter tomorrow and make that dream a reality.

Your $34 a month will change the life of a child and his or her community forever!

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