Feed the Children serves in the Ouest (“West”) region of Haiti, empowering children and their caregivers.

Children in Haiti live in a mountainous nation with idyllic coastlines. Haiti is located on a small Caribbean island that is shared with the Dominican Republic. However, Haiti’s location makes it extremely vulnerable to natural disasters. Haiti has encountered an extremely destructive earthquake in 2010 and numerous hurricanes in recent years. Rebuilding has been a slow process, and many Haitians are still affected by poverty.

Haitian children face many challenges, but our goal is to provide parents with the resources needed to improve their future. To learn more about Feed the Children’s work specifically in Haiti, read our 2016 Annual Report.

Haiti Basics

10.8 million
Poverty Rate
Average Life Expectancy
63 years
Average Years of Schooling
5.2 years
Kids with Stunted Growth

Food & Nutrition

Proper nutrition can help prevent many diseases and can help children achieve educational and economic success in their future. Through Care Groups, which we began in Haiti in September 2015, we are providing mother leaders with nutrition trainings to most benefit children under 5. Through this system, mothers are encouraged to communicate best practices and behavioral change throughout their communities so that childhood outcomes are improved.

Care Groups can have a great multiplying effect. For example, one person in our Haiti office can train 12 sets of volunteer women in nutrition and health. These volunteer women will go back to their communities and train their neighbors, totaling nearly 1,300 mothers reached with the knowledge of better care for their young child’s needs!

Health & Water

Recent natural disasters have impacted infrastructure and the availability of safe water and sanitation. By installing clean water sources, we are decreasing water-related sickness in children so they are not stunted at a young age in health and education. Through the generosity of our donors, we recently completed the construction of a clean water source that benefits over 1,000 families in seven communities where we work in Haiti!


For children in Haiti, short-term hunger can affect their attentiveness at school. We provide daily school meals in order for kids to focus and reach their full potential in the classroom. These meals also encourage school attendance and motivate parents to continue to send their children to school each day. Another motivation for enrollment in school is the provision of school supplies. This helps reduce one of the economic barriers that so often limit children from staying in school.


Children who grow up in economically stable homes are more financially secure. In the past, we’ve provided communities in Haiti with fruit tree nurseries to help increase economic opportunities for families. In addition, these fruit trees improve food security and nutrient intake so that children receive a greater variety of nutritious foods, all while promoting reforestation of the land.

We’ve also provided training to households on animal husbandry, to care for their animals both as a member of their household but also as an economic investment.

Take Action

One GIft Can Change a Child's Life

When you donate to Feed the Children, we can multiply that donation 7 times because of our corporate partners. Your gifts go where kids need help the most: nutritious food to eat, safe and clean water to drink, school and supplies, and even new ways to make a living. Their mothers might even receive a goat that will provide them milk, meat and a baby goat to share with their neighbors. And most of all, these kids can dream about a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Your donation can help end the cycle of poverty in Haiti and other countries around the world!

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