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Feed the Children School Lunches

School Breakfast Program Gives Kids a Healthy Start to their Days

Written by Andrew McNamee, Manager of Public Policy and Caitlin Duncan, Grants Management Specialist A day at school should be filled with educational challenges and social growth. But for the roughly eight percent of American children living with food insecurity, the day usually begins with hunger. The hunger stalks them throughout their childhoods. It affects […]
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Feed the Children Kenya

Kenyan Election Tests Country’s New Constitution and Our Operations

Written by Andrew McNamee, Manager of Public Policy and Kepha Machira, PR & Communications Officer (Kenya) Kenyans go to the polls today to elect (or relect) their president, his deputy, members of Parliament, county governors, and ward representatives. Incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are running for reelection against former Prime Minister […]
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InterAction Forum 2017: Emphasizing the Need for Accountability, Transparency and Inclusiveness

Written by Anna Rohwer, Director of International Operations & Administration   ‘United We Stand’ originated from The Liberty Song that was written by John Dickinson during the American Revolution. It’s a simple phase that has lived in different contexts of American history but always means the same thing: we fall when we’re divided, so we must stand […]
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Feed the Children- Summer Feeding

Encourage Your State Officials to Address School Lunch Shaming

Written by Caitlin Duncan, Grants Management Specialist   Making a show of throwing away a child’s hot lunch. Making lunch contingent on performing chores in front of peers. Sending certain children to a designated area for a cold food item. Writing debt notices on a child’s arm. Those examples are just some of the lunch […]
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Gerlyn and Nina - Philippines 2017

“There are times that my family has no food to eat…”

“There are times that my family has no food to eat, and there are also times that the children get sick, and we don’t have money for medicine or hospitalization.” – May (Nina & Gerlyn’s mother) The good news, however, is that because of sponsors just like you, we are implementing programs in Nina and […]
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