South Carolina Flood Damage

Historic amounts of rain and flooding in South Carolina

( Image courtesy of South Carolina Emergency Division ) Hurricane Joaquin was expected to make landfall Monday, October 5, 2015. The category 3 storm was erratic and strengthening as it headed toward the Bahamas. After this extremely dangerous storm left Rum Cay and San Salvador, it veered east leaving the Bahamas in distress. With 120 […]
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*3-2015 NI0002 Jaqueline Morales (12)

When Grandparents Become Caregivers

Editor’s Note: The following article was originally posted on the IF:Gathering website. We are thankful for the partnership with IF:Gathering, which will be highlighting the work of Feed the Children on their blog over the next several months. Many folks have specific images in their minds of what it will be like when they become grandparents. Rocking […]
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Girl wearing backpack - Education is a pillar of Feed the Children's work

H.E.L.P. Comes to West Virginia

August is a month in which we focus on back-to-school readiness–making sure kids have what the need to learn, grow and have success in school. Education is one of the four pillars of Feed the Children’s work, and we know kids can’t learn well if they don’t have their basic needs met. That’s why we take a multi-layered approach, […]
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Feed the Children’s Homeless Education and Literacy Program

H.E.L.P. for the Homeless

Summer is winding down, and children across the country are getting ready for another school year. For lots of kids, that means a new outfit for the first day, fresh unsharpened pencils and a perfect box of crayons, or a new backpack emblazoned with the latest cartoon character or superhero. But for one population, back-to-school time can be a […]
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Solar Shield partners with Feed the Children

Click a “Like,” Help a Child

Today we bring you a guest post from our friends at Solar Shield, and an easy opportunity to help kids across the U.S.! Read on… The U.S. is a wealthy and plentiful country, but nearly 16 million American children wouldn’t know it. These kids live without many of life’s essentials, including food.  And it’s not just […]
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