Introducing the Kenya Food and Nutrition Team

By Paul Odongo At Feed the Children, we couldn’t do our work without the support of individuals, corporations and organizations—people like you. Your gifts help us attract and hire top-notch staff who implement our programs here and around the world—who help create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. Today we’d like you to […]
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Feed the Children Haiti - 2018

Haiti: A Spotlight on the Country and Our Work

Written by Andrew McNamee, Manager of Public Policy, and Emily Jost, Program Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Haiti is a beautiful country with a troubled history. Struck by a truly devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January 2010, the country continues to feel the overwhelming effects of the earthquake today.  More than 230,000 people were killed, and a […]
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2017 Year in Review: Feed the Children Successes and a Look Ahead

Written by Andrew McNamee, Manager of Public Policy   Feed the Children had several notable successes in 2017. These included: Meetings with the staff of more than 100 members of Congress – We were in more than 100 meetings on Capitol Hill, with both Democratic and Republican offices, on a variety of topics, including emergency […]
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The Real Face of the Migrant Route: The Heartbreaking Story of A Mother

Poverty is the common denominator in many Honduran families. The uncertainty of being able to provide for their families can push people to look for new opportunities in the north. Every day, hundreds of people risk their lives to enter the United States in the hopes of finding the “American Dream.” Olga Marina López, born […]
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World Food Day: Kenya’s Stance on Food Security

World Food Day is celebrated annually on the 16th of October. The goal of World Food day is to show commitment to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. It’s also a day to celebrate the progress that has been made towards reaching Zero Hunger. The theme for 2017 is […]
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World Food Day: Uganda’s Stand on Food Security

This year, Uganda will join the rest of the world in celebrating World food Day under the theme of “Change the future of Migration; Invest in Food Security and Rural Development” in Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural and Development Institute in Kabale district. This event is being organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries in […]
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