*6-2015 HN0006 Ashly Antunez (22)

A Big Word of Thanks

As the United States prepares to gather around Thanksgiving tables this week, many of us feel thankful for the abundance of blessings in our lives. Families will gather, tables will be set, hands will be clasped and words of gratitude shared. Yet we know that half a world away, and right in our own communities, […]
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News Roundup

Welcome to News Roundup, a new feature on the Feed the Children blog. Every two weeks we’ll be sharing short updates on our work throughout the organization and among our many corporate and non-profit partners. Enjoy and be inspired!   Giving Tuesday As we enter this season of giving and joy, you have an opportunity to support […]
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Me with Daniel (edited)

A Season of Celebration

As the start of another Christmas season begins, it is often welcomed with mixed emotions of reflection from the year that we are about to put behind us. For me, this Christmas will be our daughter’s first Christmas with our family following the completion of her Ethiopia adoption just a few months ago! Unfortunately, this […]
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*Kids in sport attire & with balls received

Spotlight on Tanzania: The Power of Sports

Study after study shows the benefit of sports for children’s development. Kids who play sports learn important social skills like teamwork and cooperation. They develop confidence and self-esteem, and generally perform better in school. And of course, sports help kids’ bodies grow stronger and healthier. That’s why the Feed the Children office in Tanzania has […]
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A World Where No Child Goes to Bed Hungry

Editor’s Note: The following article was originally posted on the IF:Gathering website. We are thankful for the partnership with IF:Gathering, which has been highlighting the work of Feed the Children on their blog for the last several months. For too many families across our country, hunger is an ever-present reality. There’s not enough money to pay the bills. Food […]
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