News Roundup, August 22, 2016

When the Waters Rise… Feed the Children is There Reach Out America, The Salvation Army, Operation Compassion, Convoy of Hope, Office Depot Foundation and Feed the Children have joined together to provide disaster relief to Louisiana families affected by the recent flooding. So far, Feed the Children has provided nearly 270,000 pounds of supplies, valued […]
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Feeding Bodies, Minds and Futures… in the Philippines

It’s August, and families here in the United States are preparing for children to go back to school. Parents across the country will spend August wandering store aisles while clutching school supply lists, or pawing through the bin of kids’ sneakers looking for the right size, or maybe ordering school uniforms online. And while we may grumble […]
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MALAWI_ Care group volunteer takes a mother through nutrition information and encourages mother to breastfeed her baby exclu

Helping Babies Thrive

At Feed the Children, we know that parents, particularly mothers, are the critical link to helping kids be healthy and well nourished, especially in the early months and years of life. That’s why this week, Feed the Children’s office in Kenya joins the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Dietetic Unit and other partners to mark World […]
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Hunger in America: The summertime struggle

Tricia loves her children. She says 10-year-old Eleanor is “very smart, she loves school, everybody likes her.” (Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those we serve.) As a mom, she wants her kids to have everything they need. But lately, that’s been a challenge. Tricia suffers from chronic kidney disease. In the […]
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News Roundup, July 18, 2016

Oklahoma Athletic Programs Lend a Hand OU Athletics, Norman Public Schools and the Center for Children and Families teamed up with Feed the Children to lend a hand to Norman-area families last month. Some 400 families received food and essentials, filling one Feed the Children semitruck at the Lloyd Noble Center. Volunteers from OU Athletics, Norman Public Schools, the Center for […]
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