“Life was not easy for us…”

Adong Dorothy

Before Feed the Children came into Adong’s community, Adong was not getting an education. The only school available to her and the other children was too far for them to walk to every day, and was too expensive for their parents to afford.

“Life was not easy for us in this community before Feed the Children. Everything was scarce — no water, schools were far and expensive. Our children had a very hard life, which made life for us as parents hard, too.”
– Adong’s Mother

But in 2013, thanks to the generous support from child sponsors like YOU — Feed the Children was able to build a school in Adong’s community. The school has been completely life-changing for the children and families! Adong and the other boys and girls are now able to come to classes every day and receive a much-needed education. They have a safe place where they can learn, play, receive such things as a nutritious meal and clean drinking water. Adong LOVES going to school. She loves learning English and singing the songs and rhymes taught by her teachers. She also has many friends.

“I love the rice I eat at school. I also love the slides and the balls we have at school.”
– Adong

The school has huge benefits, even for the parents. They are now able to attend to their farming and earn a living without the worry and stress of having to leave their children behind for the day with no supervision and very little food.

“I am so grateful that my children now have a place to study and to play.”
– Adong’s Father

Because of sponsors like you, children and communities now have access to essentials such as clean water. Access to this clean water has transformed the lives of these people. The water they had before was very far away from their homes, resulting in long travel times. It was unclean and they had to share it with the animals as well, which led to life-threatening illnesses. And many times the water would almost dry up during the dry season. But now, thanks to you, there is a constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water that is easily accessible for Adong and her community.

The success of this project inspired more construction to start on the school grounds in 2016. Another learning block was built, as well as sleeping quarters for the teachers. The plans and hopes are that this school will keep growing into a very large primary school in order to reach even more children with education, food, clean water and the hope of a brighter future.
Feed the Children believes that no community should be without a strong school system, because as you can see, there are so many positive, transformative changes that spring forth from building a school and providing an education for children who do not have these opportunities.

“Thank you, Feed the Children. I now have the hope of seeing our children get bright futures.”
– Adong’s Mother

Thanks to you, the hopes and dreams of Adong and the many, many other children and families in her community have been rekindled. Without your monthly support, lives would not be changed for the better. Every time you send in your monthly gift, you are providing another stepping stone for children to a healthier, happier, more hopeful life where they can enjoy their childhoods. You are also their link to what was once an impossibility … the chance to achieve their dreams! On behalf of the children you help everyday through your on-going sponsorship each month, thank you!

There are so many children yet to be sponsored. You can give a gift to help these children, and change the world… one child at a time.

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