“It’s really a big help to the children”


This is Jemriel. He’s 7 years old and lives in a poor village in the Philippines with his 11-year-old brother, James, and their mom, Anselma.

This family has dealt with one tragedy after another. The boys’ father died 7 years ago. And their simple home burned down 5 years ago.


Anselma pieced together the small shack that’s pictured here using bamboo and sheets of metal she found. During the rainy season the roof leaks, soaking their bedding and everything else.

The family has no running water. No electricity. No sanitary toilet system.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to come alongside a mother struggling in poverty!


Their only income is from the stick brooms Anselma makes and sells.

Jemriel and James help their mom make the brooms and together they carry them into the nearest city to sell on street corners.


Every week the family runs out of food. They’re lucky to eat a cup of rice a day with some vegetables. But there are days when there is nothing to eat. On those days, Anselma begs from a neighbor and hopes they have enough to spare.

If Jemriel and James weren’t part of Feed the Children’s child sponsorship program, they would be extremely malnourished, possibly starving. Thankfully, because of their sponsors, the boys receive a hot, nutritious meal each day at school.

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Anselma says of the meals:

“It’s really a big help to the children.”

The boys also get shoes and school supplies thanks to their sponsors. These are simple things, but despite how hard their mom works, she cannot afford them.

Jemriel and James love going to school. They enjoy the nutritious meals and the opportunity to learn. Both boys are hard workers. They understand that a good education is critical to breaking free from the extreme poverty they are trapped in right now.


The boys are resourceful. They have even made their own toys out of what others have thrown away.

Anselma says, “All I dream for is for the two to finish their studies and to be able to find a good job and have a better life.”

Because her boys have sponsors, this mother’s dream has a good chance of becoming a reality! You can make a difference as a sponsor for a child trapped in poverty.

This Mother’s Day, give hope to a mother like Anselma by sponsoring a child!


The boys have hope for a brighter future, thanks to compassionate friends like you who said YES to sponsorship. They have hope and that brings a shy smile to James’ face.

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