Child Sponsorship: You can change a child’s life!

Shinayida, age 5

When you say YES to a child like 5-year-old Shinayida of Malawi, you can rescue that precious boy or girl from the enemies of childhood — hunger, disease and poverty.

The benefits of being a sponsor

For $34 a month — just over $1 a day — you can provide food and other life essentials to a child in desperate need. As a sponsor:

Your child will receive:


You’ll receive:


1. A photo and important information about your sponsored child.
2. The opportunity to communicate with your child through letters that show how much you care.
3. Updates on your child, plus notes and/or drawings from your child.

You can make a difference like Jose’s sponsor

Jose, age 12

José is a 12-year-old in Honduras who has had a sponsor for two years. He says:

“I have been able to continue my studies and I no longer go hungry at school. I am able to eat delicious food.”

And José’s father says, “I am very grateful for all the help you have bestowed on us. We are now able to move forward, we have never had help before but now you help us with food, school supplies, shoes and better nutrition.”

You can give the gift of childhood: Yareling’s story

Yareling, age 8

In 8-year-old Yareling’s Honduras community, 70 percent of the families are trapped in poverty. Yareling’s sponsor has made a big difference in her life for more than two years now. She says:

“I feel happy because Feed the Children has helped so much with the backpack and school supplies, food, shoes and even toys.”

And her mom says: “I feel so grateful with the program because in my particular case I have seen a change in my daughter, she is happier, more active and loves going to class with her school bag and school supplies. I thank you so much for the help you have given me, my daughter and all the children in the community.”

That’s the kind of difference you can make as a sponsor!


Say YES and change a child’s life!

Step in to make a life-changing difference for a child — just like José and Yareling’s sponsors have done.

For $34 a month, you’ll help rescue a boy or girl from the enemies of childhood: hunger, disease and poverty. Please say YES!

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