Hunger in America: One Mom’s Struggle

When you’re a mom who struggles to provide for your children, every day is tough. Mother’s Day is no different.

Catherine and her husband have 3 kids to provide for, but with only a part-time job between them they depend on their local food pantry to put meals on the table (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those we serve).

At certain times of the year, that’s not enough. Catherine says:

“It’s horrible to say we look forward to the kids going back to school so we don’t have to worry about getting them breakfast and lunch.”

But that’s reality for this family of 5.

During June, July and August food is really tight. To make sure the kids have something to eat, Catherine explains that she and her husband will skip meals.

“…that’s how we do it in the summertime; we will go without food for a couple of days.”

You can step in for a family like Catherine’s to help them through a difficult time.

You can provide food and essentials for a hurting family

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If Catherine’s story has moved you, please share it with others. Introduce them to this struggling mom and how they can help hungry children across America.