Child Hunger in America: Ashley & Samantha’s story

Jacob loves his daughters — 6-year-old twins Ashley and Samantha (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those we serve). That’s why it hurts so much when he doesn’t have enough food for them. Just thinking about his two precious girls going hungry, brings tears to his eyes.

And when I ask the twins about going hungry, their silliness turns serious and their easy smiles fade.

“When I run out of food, my tummy gets so achy,” Ashley says.

“It feels pretty bad,” Samantha adds. “We don’t have no food to eat.”

Jacob and his wife, Debbie, try hard to provide for their family. But it’s a constant struggle. They are growing girls and Jacob says, “They eat a lot.”


It’s especially difficult during the summer months. Millions of kids across America depend on free or reduced price meals, but when school ends, so do those critical meals.

“In the summertime, when they don’t have that free breakfast and lunch, it’s a little expensive ‘cause you have to buy breakfast and lunch food,” Jacob explains.

“We don’t have no food to eat.”

— Samantha, age 6

For Jacob, his twins mean twice the blessing. But right now, when times are tight, twins also mean twice the hunger.

You can help families through tough times

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