Child Hunger in America: Katie’s Story

Katie (names have been changed to protect the privacy of those we serve) can be sweet and silly, as you can see in the video above. She wasn’t shy in front of the camera. She enthusiastically told us how much she loves to play with dolls. And that she likes to read. But she says, “I can only read a little…the words are too long.”

When I ask her about food, her smile fades and her eyebrows furrow.

“Sometimes we go to the food giveaway…because we run out of food and we need food,” Katie explains.

She’s only 8, but Katie knows her family struggles to get enough to eat. She has 2 older brothers and a baby sister.

It’s heartbreaking for her mom, Tiffany, but hunger is often their reality. This reality leads to tough choices.

“A lot of times I have put my bills aside…‘cause my kids come first,” Tiffany says. “For my kids to have food, I won’t pay this bill this month — just for them to eat.”

“…I won’t pay this bill this month — just for them to eat.”

— Tiffany, Katie’s mom

When I asked this overwhelmed mom what the hardest thing she’s had to do to feed her kids, she told me:

“We had to beg…with the kids, when it’s got so bad, we’ve had to beg.”

Meet urgent needs for a hurting family

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