Child Hunger in America: Molly’s story

Sometimes Molly plays in her closet. I think she chooses this small space because it makes her feel safe, protected from the outside world and all of the problems her family faces each day.

Molly is only 8, but she knows about food stamps and the local food pantry.

“Me and my mom go to the food pantry because we run out of food because they took $200 off my mom’s food stamps,” Molly explains.

This family struggles to get enough to eat. Molly’s mom has a job, but it doesn’t pay a lot. Her dad had to stop working because he suffers from a serious illness.

Unfortunately, that means that Molly also knows about hunger and the pain it causes.

“When we run out of food, it makes my heart very sad and it makes me cry,” Molly told me. “And then my brother and mama and daddy starts crying.”

Molly even told me how hunger hurts physically:

“What it feels like to be hungry is that you feel like you’re getting sick because you don’t have any food that you can eat… And you feel like you’re going to throw up.”

“… and it just isn’t enough.”

— Amber, Molly’s mom

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Molly’s mom, Amber, says, “…it really tugs at your heart, that you’re doing everything you can do to provide for them, and it just isn’t enough.”

Amber works hard, but her job doesn’t pay enough to provide for this family of four. Her husband, Jonathan, wants to work, but he’s suffering from a debilitating disease. Molly says:

“…it makes it very hard for him to do stuff like paint because he spills paint… Parkinson’s disease is where your hand shakes a lot.” She adds, “…it makes me very sad and it makes him sad.”


Give a family a hand up and hope

Molly and her brother, Elijah, need nutritious meals. Amber and Jonathan need help from caring friends like you to feed their children during this tough time.

Thankfully, Amber received food and other essentials from their local food pantry — these much-needed items were provided by Feed the Children, thanks to our compassionate supporters.

Molly says, “People should help other people because sometimes people run out of food and they don’t have any money to get any food.”

Knowing what it’s like to be hungry has given Molly a heart for helping others.


“If I have food, I would help anybody that doesn’t have food.” — Molly

Your gift today can provide a box of food and a box of essentials for a family just like Molly’s. It’s just $38 for both boxes! Please give today, if you can. You’ll offer a family help and hope — and put a smile on the face of a child like Molly.