Defeating Hunger for Thousands of Kids in Philippines After Typhoon

DSCN6458Imagine you are 8 years old living in Cebu. And your mom tells you that another big storm is about to hit your island, like last year.

You’d wonder about what might happen to your toys.

You’d wonder if the waters would get too high.

You’d wonder if you’d have a house to go home to when the storm passed.

And then the rains start and the winds come. Imagine how scared you’d feel and how worried you’d be about your friends, down the street.

DSCN6441When morning came, what would your street look like? What about your school? And your friends’ houses?

This is the reality for so many kids in the Philippines right now.

No water. No power. Destroyed homes and schools.

Today, the worst may be over for the kids in the Philippines as Typhoon Hagupit (locally name “Ruby”) ravaged central islands for days, but the challenge to feed thousands of children and family members is beginning to hound the country.

In Northern Cebu, though families started returning to their homes Monday, many houses were totally destroyed still remained at evacuation centers needing food and other assistance.

Many families who thought the worse couldn’t happen to them again are now facing their worst fears.

IMG_0721The good news is that thanks to our generous donors, Feed the Children started providing hot meals fortified with VitaMeal in evacuation centers of Bogo, Cebu, while simultaneously conducting rapid disaster needs and assessment to other hit areas of Northern Cebu.

Kids in the streets and at community gathering points are being greeted by loving Feed the Children staff. Working around the clock, our staff is encouraging kids that through the gift of a hot meal they are seen. They are cared for. And together, one step at a time, life will be better.

One thing is for sure: recovery in the Philippines will be a long process.

Few families have back up plans for what to do when the little bit of food they have runs out.

Although most parents and kids in the areas of Tabogon and Daan Bantayan, Cebu were no longer in evacuation centers as of Monday afternoon, there is still the need to distribute emergency food packs.

Most families’ whose livelihood relies on fishing were unable to go out fishing since Thursday and farmers were unable to harvest crops and fruits.

The Philippine government has yet to release official total damage assessments but has declared 7 regions to be under a state of calamity including Metro Manila, the capital City.

IMG_0746Feed the Children has worked in the Philippines for the last 25 years, and we are here to stay. We will continue to distribute emergency aid until it is no longer needed, one child, one mother, one father at a time.

Help us help kids recover from this storm. Join us in the fight to defeat hunger for kids right now in the Philippines.