Hunger Headlines Week of October 20th

These are stories catching our eyes this week. Click the headline to read the whole story.

Leader’s Corner

“We Must Take Risks”

Maybe the best thing we can do for our organizations is what nobody else is willing to do, by Feed the Children President and CEO Kevin Hagan


“Over 48 million Americans live in poverty”

Over 48 million Americans live in poverty, according to a special report by the Census Bureau. What has the ability to change this? Jobs, jobs, and more jobs, this new study says. 

“Poverty and School Funding: why low income students often suffer.”

While the current U.S. economy continues to improve, there is one area that is still feeling the squeeze from the recession years: K-12 public school spending. Our funding for public schools has a lot to do with long term achievement of students, especially in urban areas.

“One in seven Australians living below the poverty line, survey reveals”

We think of Australia as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but a new study shows that the rate of families in poverty is on the rise. Nearly 18% of children in the country live beneath the poverty line, one-third of them in sole-parent families,

Domestic Hunger

“Many of Iowa’s hungry are children”

A state known by many as the “bread basket” of the US struggles with hunger too. Children account for one in three of Iowa’s food pantry customers, a new survey of the state’s food pantries shows.

Do Minimum Wage Increases Benefit the Middle Class?

As rallies to increase the minimum wage across the United States continue, many are asking what happens to the middle class? Will their prosperity increase too?

International Hunger

Can we feed everyone?

We all want to live in a world where no child goes to bed hungry. But is this possible considering our current agricultural resources? One blogger explores this question.

Global Response to Ebola Highlights Challenges to Delivering Aid

As international NGOs join together to bring resources to the countries deeply devastated by Ebola, the progress is slow. The fear and stigma associated with the Ebola virus contributes to recruitment problems.

Feed the Children Responds to Ebola Outbreak

Feed the Children and Curamericas Global are partnering to help stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, and to assist those areas already infected with the disease.