Hunger Headlines, Week of June 22, 2014

Electronic music, kids’ gardens, stunting, land grabbing, and updated poverty statistics in this week’s hunger headlines

Poverty News

There Are 400 Million More People In Poverty Than Previously Believed: Report

A new study more accurately reflecting “the actual lives of the poor” has been released, and the numbers are not worth celebrating. According to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2014 produced by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, roughly 1.6 billion people are living in poverty around the world — about 400 million more than what the World Bank claimed in 2010. Read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post.

Enlisting millennials in the fight against global poverty, one electronic music festival at a time

“If you look at who listens to EDM, it’s young people. It’s largely millennials. And our whole objective is to engage millennials in the fight to end extreme poverty,” says Evans, talking over lunch during a recent trip to the District. “If you want to be speaking to millennials, you’ve got to be speaking to [the artists] millennials are listening to. . . . I think that the people behind the music care deeply about these issues, and the question is: How do you create the right platform for them to express that?” Read the article on The Washington Post.

Domestic Hunger News

LA’s Johnny Appleseed teams up with Carson: Growing your food is ‘gangster’

Carson Daly has chosen to fight childhood hunger and promote healthy eating. He’s teamed up with, and they’re on a mission to grow a garden to teach kids about better food options. Full story on TODAY.

Three Hunger Words You Probably Misuse and Don’t Understand

If the child can’t get sufficient nutrition to stop and reverse the effects of stunting by the time he reaches the age of five, it’s too late. After age five, most of this damage to the child’s body and brain is permanent. This is why we are focusing more and more on providing good nutrition for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The first 1000 days of a child’s life (from conception to the child’s second birthday) are critical in order for her to grow and thrive throughout her life. See the infographic and read the full article here.

International Hunger News

Could Land Grabs Solve Global Hunger? Study Reveals Food Production Benefits Of Controversial Practice

Land grabbing is a controversial practice in which foreign investors buy the land of developing countries. A new examination shows the greater crop yields from agribusiness could feed millions more people than if local residents tended it themselves. Read this fascinating take on the practice here.