4 Reasons Why I Am Excited To Be Working With Feed the Children

At Feed the Children, we are so thankful for the gifts of our loyal staff that has served with us for so many years and countless others who recently have decided to join us. They have heard about our passion for our mission and plans for even more innovative programing around the world and wanted to support us! We recently asked one of our new staff, Lindsey to share with why she’s excited about joining the Feed the Children team.


In November, I joined Feed the Children as a part of the newly-created Artist Program based out of Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville, I work alongside two other staff, Crystal Hutchinson and our vice president of Child Sponsorship and Media, Ben Greene. Here are 4 reasons why I am excited about my new position and Feed the Children.

1.     The opportunity to connect two worlds that I love.  I have spent the majority of my professional career in the retail book and publishing industries. During that time, I found great friends and mentors who get to use their words to influence people. I go to a lot of conferences. I read a lot of books. I hang out with a lot of bloggers. And so one of my favorite things about my job is that I get to partner with authors, speakers, and bloggers, and enlist them in the incredible work that Feed the Children is doing.

A kind big brother carries his little sister up the hill on his back.
Piggy-back ride up the hill courtesy of big brother

2.     The opportunity to be a part of organization that feeds over 350 thousand children around the world every day. One of the distinctives that I love about Feed the Children is that while we work on long-term sustainable development solutions, we begin by building relationships and fulfilling a critical and immediate need – feeding children. On a recent trip to Guatemala with Feed the Children, I got to visit two different feeding centers where we partner with mothers to provide nutritious meals for children in the community so that their brains and their bodies can develop properly.

3.     The opportunity to help those in need, not just across the world, but down the street. For the past several years, I have been a strong advocate for global development and orphan care.  During that time, I was able to travel and learn a lot about the complexities of poverty in Africa, in Asia and in Latin America. But truth be known, I have a lot to learn about poverty in my city, in my state, and across the United States. I have read the statistics. I know families that are struggling to make ends meet. I look forward to better understanding the complexities of poverty within the United States. 

4.     The opportunity to be a part of a “new day” at Feed the Children.  Change is afoot at Feed the Children. Kevin Hagan, our President and CEOrecently announced 4 new initiatives that are underway. The first is to revamp domestic programs to build self-sufficiency {two of my very favorite words}. The second is to renew emphasis on child sponsorship {this is a huge part of what the Artist Program team that I work on is responsible for}. The third is to launch a new Feed the Children brand {it’s coming this summer, and I cannot wait}. And the fourth is to focus on customer service. It is such a tremendous privilege to be a part of the organization during such a pivotal time.